Formal Name: 4-(4-Bromophenyl)-4-(dimethylamino)-1-(2-phenylethyl)cyclohexanol

CAS: 77239-98-6

Molecular Formula: C22H28BrNO

Formula Weight: 402.367[g/mol]

Stability: 6 years

Purity: 99.8%min (HPLC)


Min Order Qty: 500G


Lead Time: 3~4 weeks after order



Bromadol1.Download Chemical Properties of Bromadol.

kaufen Bromadol2.Download the MSDS of Bromadol.

Other Parameters
Exact Mass: 401.135427
Boiling Point (deg C): 452.51
Melting Point (deg C): 187.23
VP(mm Hg,25 deg C): 1.03E-010 (Modified Grain method)
Subcooled liquid VP: 5.12E-009 mm Hg (25 deg C, Mod-Grain method)
Water Solubility at 25 deg C (mg/L): 0.2346

High Quality
Unlike other manufacturers our R&D team really care about its purity is at least 99.5%.
It has gone through the highest purification process to remove as many inpurities and chemicals used to make it as possible under highest international standards in our lab, giving guarantee of non-presence of any any solvent residue or extraneous compounds.

Competitive Prices
Our prices are among the lowest on the market, just check them by your own.

Experience to deliver to USA, Россия, Deutsch
Our company has great experience to export goods, and all packages are sent in completely unmarked envelopes – the postman, colleagues or anyone else at that address will not know that you have placed an order.

Premium support for all customers
You can contact us with any of your needs or special requests getting prompt and professional reply within 24hrs. Be sure you could rely on our highly experienced staff, who will provide you high quality support and resolve any issues or questions which might occur. And you could order 1P-lsz online.

купить Bromadol

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    Alex Formosa Says:

    Price quote for:

    Quantity: 1 g
    Ship to: US

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    Bertam Says:

    Bromadol , bitte Preisangabe in Deutsch

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    B. Morris Says:

    Can I get a quote for 1 gram sample of bpdc for testing and also a qoute for 500grams of bpdc. Thanks, I look forward to hear from you.

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    Henry Johnson Says:

    I am interested in placing an order for 500 grams of bromadol , please let me know what the price is

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    m. johnson Says:

    Please send me a price quote for 500g of bromadol, thanks.

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    Send me a price quote for the minimum order. Thanks.

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    Thomas Köhler Says:

    Bromadol 500 mg

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    Colton A. Says:

    Interested in BDPC (Bromadol), 500 milligrams. Would like a price quotation.
    Thank you
    Greensboro NC shipping

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    Jeremy Davis Says:

    Sorry to bother you. I was wondering if the 500g was the minimum order, either way could you get back with me about price. Thank you for you time.

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    Blair W. Bryant Says:

    Hello, and first let me thank you for your time and valuable services! We are interested in purchasing (CAS# 77239-98-6) Bromadol. Min. order quantity of 500g price per is just needed as we would like to purchase. I look forward to hearing back from you, working and doing buisness in the future with you and your company! Thank you again,
    Blair W. Bryant

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    rob Says:

    Bromadol products prices

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    brandon H Says:

    Need 1g shipped to riverside, CA can i please get a quote with shipping included i will pay extra for the most reliable and fastest shipping. Please include price for different shipping options if you have different methods of shipping. Otherwise just include the shipping costs of your usual and reliable methods. I would like to be able to track my package so i do not worry about where it is or when it will show up.

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    Justin hastings Says:

    Interested in 500mg of bramadol shipped to Nashville, tn. How much and time to get here?

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    Justin Minnick Says:

    Im interested in a sample of Bromadol, Can you provide a gram sample prior to the 500g order? can you get mr an estimate for both amounts. thanks

  15. 15
    Rene Says:

    Hey, im wondering if I could order 100g for testing. Is it possible? Send me a email. :) greetz

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    Jan Jovic Says:


    I’d like to know the Price for 1kg of Bromadol.
    Thanks in advance


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    anonymous Says:

    500g to NY
    and 1kg separate for study. Prices for each independently, please.

    Thank you,
    Anonymous (I do not want my PhD name revealed)

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    Kyle Says:

    What would be your going rate for 1 kilogram of Bromadol?

  19. 19
    Ian Diner Says:

    Please send a quote for the minimum quantity of (500g) of bromadol-HCl (CAS 77239-98-6). Followimg NMR and LC-MS evaluation of purity, we would like to order more. Hope to hear from you soon.

  20. 20
    Tom Says:

    Please provide pricing of 500g trans-bromadol hcl. ship to NJ

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    Alexandre GILLES Says:


    Looking for 1g sample of Bromadol. If sample is good, will buy more.

    Please send cost including shipping to order 1g of Bromadol (CAS 77239-98-6).


    Mr. A.Gilles

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    Dr. Rajat Says:

    I would like to pay for a 1 gram sample of 4-(4-Bromophenyl)-4-(dimethylamino)-1-(2-phenylethyl)cyclohexanol. After I confirm Purity I can place multiple kilogram orders.
    Please provide price and payment details

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    Landon L. Says:

    Hello sir, how much does this product go for for 1gram up to 50grams

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    Alex Says:

    Interested in BDPC (Bromadol), 500 milligrams. Would like a price quotation.

    Thank you

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    Richard Moore Says:

    Please let me know whether the purchase of a sample of BPDC of 1g for testing purposes is possible, and if not what your lowest order is. I would need to have it sent to a UK address should your terms and pricing prove suitable. I would also be interested in the cost differential should tests prove fruitful and I needed to buy a larger quantity.
    Many Thanks

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    janai Says:

    Id like price on 1gm of bromadol

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    Burroughs Says:

    Pls quote the best price & lead time for the below.

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    Stephen Brown Says:

    As advertised 100g post to Stephen Brown 57 heath avenue ***, UK.
    Wish to do further business. Stephen Brown

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    D B Says:

    Hello please prove me prcing, payment options and delivery for Bromadol. thank you.

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    Sespress Says:

    Interested in Pricing and Shipping Times to Virginia USA for Bromadol. Please quote price per Quantity. I am interested in 500-g Evaluation order initially. If there is a minimum order amount, please specify in your response.
    Thank You,

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    travis Says:

    price of 500g of bromadol please with shipping to the US

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    james Says:

    could you please quote me price for 750g bromadol?

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    Marie-Lyne Says:

    Do you provide a Certificate of Analysis with your product?

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    JBarrett Says:

    Please send me pricing information as I’m not sure how much I’d like to order. Thank you!

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    Mario Enzi Says:

    I am interested in a small sample purchase for my research to check purity.Need a price quote for a sample before placing larger orders.Greatly Appreciated.

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    jason moran Says:

    to whom it may concern, I a looking for asap. Please retun ina timely manor, thank you,


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    Richard Needham Says:

    Please could you send me ordering information on bromadol (CAS. 77239-98-6).
    Please inform me of maximum order quantities, cost, shipping and payment information. Aswell as the cost of a sample for product verification.
    Thankyou for your time and consideration with this potential order and hope to hear from you in the near future.
    If you have any questions or require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Yours Sincerely
    Mr R Needham

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    Graham Stites Says:

    Hello, i am very interested in your product bromadol. Can you provide pricing for 1kg and bulk orders? Thanks

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    Toddler Says:

    Please give me prices for 1 gram to 1 kilogram of bromadol

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    Gabriel Nunez Says:

    can i get pricing for bromadol in amounts from 1g all the way to 1kg thank you!

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    Simon G. Says:

    Sorry for the double post, I thought I had a browser problem, so I wrote the whole thing again. I hope it’s no big deal.

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    Simon G. Says:


    What would be the price for a 1g sample of Bromadol BDPC plus shipping to Austria (middle Europe). I’ve been ripped off too often after trying to buy quantaties from 500g-1kg and want to test it at first, if it is the correct product, I hope you understand this.
    If it is real Bromadol BDPC with high purity I would buy at least quantaties from 500g-10kg.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards

    Simon G.

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    jason Moran Says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am looking into aquire Bromodol and would like to know purchase requiermwnrs and payment issue.

    Thank you,

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    Andrew Tomey Says:

    Would I be able to purchase a 1 gram sample as to assess the purity before placing a larger order and if so please include pricing and payment details.

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    John Paz Says:

    Please respond to this email if you would like a customer. Very interested in the Bromadol and the pricing. If it is even available right now. Would be to USA and would love some shipping instructions if you don’t mind :) Hope to hear from you soon!

  46. 46
    mike Says:

    Prices please for 1kg of bromadol bdpc 98% pure thankyou mike.

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    mike Says:

    Prices please for one gram of bromadol bdpc 98% pure and payment info

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    j.smith Says:

    how much for a 1 g sample with shiping to uk for testing then if all is good prices for 100 g – 1k thanks

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    kay mcgrory Says:

    please send me a price for 500 grams of bromadol or tell me how to order

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    glenn Says:

    please respond with a price list, availability, shipping rates and turn around times to the states in use. thank you

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    Stefan Steininger Says:

    Can I get general pricing for Bromadol (98% pure) in various amounts (I.e. 1g, 10g, 100g, 1kg, and 10kg) and shipping to the US. Thank you.

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    ENeilson Says:

    RE: bromadol. Would like a price quote on custom synthesis at various volumes starting at MOQ for initial quality test and volume price break tiers. Thank you kindly.

  53. 53
    A. Hansen Says:

    I am very interested in BDPC, would it be possible to buy a sample of 10 gram for further testing?

  54. 54
    Jon Jones Says:

    Can I get general pricing for Bromadol (98% pure) in various amounts (I.e. 1g, 10g, 100g, 1kg, and 10kg) and shipping to the US. Thank you.

  55. 55
    Dominik A Müller Says:

    Can I get general pricing for Bromadol (98% pure) in smaller amounts (I.e. 1g, 10g, 100g <
    incl. delivery to germany

    best regards
    D. Müller

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    chemdude Says:


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    chemdude Says:


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    Rene' Oregel Says:

    Can you please tell me the price per gram of Bromadol, or the price of a sample, as well as the shipping cost and payment details. I’m located in the United States, Los Angeles, CA 90065. Thank you kindly for your time.

  59. 59
    Dr. S. Cruz Says:

    Can I get general pricing for Bromadol (98% pure) in various amounts (I.e. 1g, 10g, 100g, 1kg, and 10kg) and shipping to the US. Thank you.

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    Colten Says:

    I woukd like to know prices for all sizes of bromide starting lowest to highest and how tp order tha ks

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    Jason M Says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Could you please inform me on how to order a small sample of Bromadol (77239-98-6) and what the price is?

    Thank you,

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    Konstantin.B Says:

    I would like to purchase some bromadol in quantity I live in Canada. Can you get back to me with details.

  63. 63
    Hans Albert Says:

    I´m looking forward to buy a larger quantity of this compound. But I´m of course have to check the different suppliers first for the quality of their synthesis products. Would it be possible to get my hand on a little sample amount for quality testing and GC analysis? Around 1-5mg should be enough in this case. My question correlates also to a compound called “W-18″ (IUPAC:(E)-4-chloro-N-(1-(4-nitrophenethyl)piperidin-2-ylidene)benzenesulfonamide).

    kind regards

  64. 64
    Robert Says:

    I am looking for a sample of Bromadol around 0.5 grams and after the first testing I will be ordering bulk amounts.Please provide me with the cost for .5 grams and payment details I am in the U.S. Thank You.

  65. 65
    Tab Kesey Says:

    Hello, we are interested in receiving a small amount of this product (.5g-1g) to allow testing for purity. After testing for purity, we plan on purchasing much larger amounts. Please let me know how much this will cost. Thank you.

    Tab Kesey
    Wobnair Enterprises

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    BROCK Says:


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    KT Skrivan Says:

    Interested in 1kg pricing. Please respond

  68. 68
    jeremy Says:

    Interested in sample for analysis and future business looking forward to hearing back

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    Anton Motsar Says:

    What is the minimum order amount for this compound.

    Thank you,

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    neilon Says:

    Hi, buy CAS: 77239-98-6
    Bromadol BDPC hcl 2.5kg.

  71. 71
    Tomislav Jankovic Says:

    PS. I would also like for you to send me the prices for the 600g amount, as well as other quantities. Sincerely, T. Jankovic.

  72. 72
    Tomislav Jankovic Says:

    Seeing as bromadol has such a high potency, I would first like to order 100g of the substances, preferably mixed with a bulking agent so that I could easily handle the bromadol. If the product was to meet my satisfaction, I would go further and order 1kilogram. I hope yo can meet my request for such a small amount, but this is only due to it being a primary purchase, as well as the aformementioned potency. Sincerely, T. Jankovic.

  73. 73
    Dr Sharon Morgan Says:

    Could you please give price and availability for bromadol 2kg

  74. 74
    tiago Says:

    whats the price and the mimimum sample of bromadol?

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    Sami Koponen Says:

    Please send me order information and price for 5kg of bromadol. Thank You.

  76. 76
    bruno t Says:

    i have been cheated twice form China. Please tell me what minimum aumont of Bromadol i can purchase -including postage-.
    thanks and regards

  77. 77
    Alex Says:

    500G sample, FOB, USA. Best quote.

  78. 78
    Erik Says:

    Wondering about prices and other details let me kno

  79. 79
    Nathan Says:

    I would like to order a one kilogram of Bromadol ?

    Thank you for your time.

  80. 80
    velivete Says:

    Hi, you can buy 300gramm, maximum 1kilogramm, Bromadol BDPC hcl, what is the price for these positions?

  81. 81
    neilon Says:

    Interested in bromadol HCl Please answer from 600 gram up to 5kg price. Thank you

  82. 82
    Gambol LLC Says:

    Please send me pricing on this items, for sample sizes (200g) and bulk (10KG) I am also looking for new suppliers to provide many other chemicals. I have used other companies, like Dayang Chem, extensively in the past without issue, and am hoping such a relationship might develop with your company.
    Gambol LLC USA

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    Ryan Matushin Says:

    Prices please

  84. 84
    mike Says:

    I would like to know how i could buy 1 gram. Thanks, mike

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    Matthew Says:

    Prices please
    Interested in varying amounts of bromadol for laboratory research. Please respond. Thanks

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    Keith Says:

    Prices please for .1.5 kilograms of 77239-98-6
    Bromadol BDPC. Also order and payment instructions to the US.

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    Ghanem Says:

    500 gms. please reply with order and payment instructions, to be shipped to the USA.

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    John Says:

    Please inform me when you get this item in stock.

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    darren smith Says:

    please can you tell me of price per 1kg and shipping prices and info for the uk

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    Scott Says:

    Please send me price and order info for bromadol.

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    Chris Smith Says:

    Interested in varying amounts of bromadol hcl for laboratory research. Please respond with 1 to 10 kilo pricing. Thanks.

  92. 92
    scott fickes Says:

    Prices please
    100-g for evaluation

  93. 93
    Mark Hammond Says:

    Bromadol 800g >98% purity. Please provide lead time after payment is received. Thank you.

  94. 94
    Dr.Bhairavi Singh Says:

    Please send me ordering information on bromadol (CAS. 77239-98-6).
    Please inform me of order quantities, cost, shipping and payment details.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you for your time and consideration with this potential order.
    Dr. B.Singh